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be yourself and prepare for your dream childbirth

Antenatal classes

Preparing for childbirth and postpartum in awareness, make your own choices

Couple or group classes, 'à la carte' according to your needs.

Several sessions are usually needed to cover the wide and exciting range of possible topics.

Each antenatal class is guided by your questions and your expectations and the structure of each session is directly led by the spontaneity of the exchange.

A session easily lasts 1h30 to 2h but I can adapt to your availability.

To illustrate, here are the most frequently discussed topics:


The pregnancyFall in love with my baby and become my baby's expert

Living well with my pregnancy: Pregnancy, what to expect?

Food, physical activity, sexuality, sleep, adapting your work, perineal massage, pregnancy tea, abdominal cramps, communication with your baby, minor pregnancy disorders (nausea, blood circulation, constipation, etc.).

Choosing how to feed my baby

All the information to make your informed choice: breastfeeding, formula, mix-feeding or pump-feeding, Advantages and disadvantages?

Optimising my breastfeeding during pregnancy.

Manual expression of colostrum during pregnancy, why and how?

Childbirth: Experiencing the Empowerment of Birth

Obtain the knowledge to allow you to freely choose where to give birth, the different possible accompaniments/accompanying persons, the care given depending on whether you are heading for natural or medical childbirth.

When to call the maternity ward?

Theory of labour: stages and duration, mobilisation, positions during labour and childbirth, breathing, diet of the person giving birth etc.

Choice of birth partner and active participation.

What to do with pain? Build your tools for Childbirth without medicalisation.

Create your Birth Altar.

All information on the epidural.

And if I need help with an instrument or a caesarean section: be better informed for a better experience.

Delivery of the placenta, sutures of the perineum.

The first hours of my baby's life

The benefits of sacred skin-to-skin.

The first feeding.

Baby care at birth.

The 4th trimester: The big dive into the unknown

Preparing yourself antenatally for the postnatal period is essential.

Surround yourself with a 'benevolent village' and protect your cocoon in the postnatal period.

Respond to your baby's needs: nutritious food, emotional food, sleep, daily hygiene care.

Meet your needs: body recovery, emotional recovery, baby blues, food, sleep, balance in the couple and in the family, ask your resource persons for help.

Preparing the house for my baby

What do you really need for your baby's arrival?

Sort through all the childcare items available on the market.

Information on co-sleeping and sudden infant death syndrome.

Preparing your home to protect your baby from household accidents.


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