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Being pregnant

Prenatal visits

Pregnancy, what to expect?

Gain reassurance and knowledge during this emotional upheaval of pregnancy and live this period of your life with serenity, awareness, comfort and freedom.


Become your baby's expert!

The prenatal follow-up is organized in visits generally once a month, at the same rate as your medical supervision by your NHS midwife, or according to your needs and each visit lasts according to your needs (approximately 1h30).

The first visit allows us to reconstitute your medical history in order to give you appropriate advice throughout your follow-up.

Food, physical activity, sexuality, sleep, adapting your work, perineal massage, pregnancy tea, abdominal cramps, preparation for childbirth, communication with your baby, minor pregnancy problems (nausea, acid reflux, blood circulation, constipation,...), choose your antenatal preparation etc. So many topics to discuss over the coming months.

I take the time to listen to you and to identify your needs which evolve during your pregnancy in order to better respond to them, in order to offer this personalised emotional support and thus optimise your power as a woman and a mother/a pregnant person and a parent.

I have a range of natural methods to calm the little troubles of pregnancy before you turn to medication or to the GP if necessary.


(+44) 07597 039409


Home visits

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