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Breast/chestfeeding support

Feeding support for your baby according to your needs:

Breast/chestfeeding, bottle or mixed feeding, pumping and/or use of a breast pump

Breastfeeding consultations

Breastfeeding counselling provides emotional support and information about the health benefits of breastfeeding for you and your baby.

A baby who does not latch, support for breastfeeding positions, breastfeeding of twins, place of the partner, pain, difficulty gaining weight, engorgement, mastitis, candidiasis, stimulation of milk production, smoking and breastfeeding, etc. Various reasons may lead you to require a breastfeeding consultation.

I am committed to helping you discover serene and pleasant breastfeeding.

These consultations are often recommended if you are having difficulty breastfeeding your baby, but they are also beneficial if you wish to obtain advice and additional support for your breastfeeding such as weaning, returning to work, co-breastfeeding (breastfeeding your newborn at the same time as your toddler), etc.

An antenatal consultation is ideal to prepare for breastfeeding. It allows you to break down the taboos that surround it and to acquire the knowledge in order to optimise its start once your baby is in your arms.


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