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Child-Led Diversification - DME

The beginnings of autonomy and discovery

Child-Led Weaning


CLW (Child-Led Weaning) is a feeding approach that offers many benefits for your baby. This method allows your baby to explore different tastes, textures and colours during dietary diversification, around 6 months, by letting them take control of their own diet.

Generally, during a meal with the CLW, your child eats at the same time as you, the same products as the rest of the family, adapted to their age and development. Several foods are arranged in front of them and they choose what interests them for this meal.

By practicing CLW, your baby develops their fine motor skills by learning to pick up solid foods and bring them to their mouth. It also encourages their curiosity and interest in healthy and varied foods.

To practice CLW safely, your child must be 6 months old, able to sit up, with or without support, and must show signs of interest in food.

CLW helps establish healthy, balanced and sustainable nutrition from an early age, while providing babies with a fun and stimulating learning experience.


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