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Health at home and beyond

Environmental health and ecology

I look forward to meeting you to share with you these current topics

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Environmental health is the whole environment that influences a child's overall health, especially during first 1000 days, with a positive impact (parent-child relationship, learning opportunity, loving relationships etc.) or negative (exposure to chemicals, exposure to screens, consequences of wearing a mask, nutritional stress, psychosocial stress, etc.).

The quality of environmental health and its impact on pregnant women, fetal development, newborns, young children and fertility have now been clearly established by studies.

Better understand what environmental health is and how to act now in order to increase the health capital of your family and especially before conception or from an early age.

How to read a composition label for cosmetics and household products or make your handmade cosmetics for you and your child.

Limit the ecological impact of pregnancy and the welcoming a new little human.


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