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N'Féraïdo© modelling

Bridge between osteopathy and the knowledge of midwives in the service of the well-treatment of pregnant women

Modelling during and after pregnancy

N'Féraïdo© is a modelling method inspired by osteopathy and intended for midwives. This method was created by Dominique Jacquin, a French osteopath, who integrated the principles of osteopathy into his professional practice to help pregnant women better live through their pregnancy and childbirth.

The name "N'Féraïdo©" is a word of African origin which means "the one who helps to be born".

This method is based on gentle and non-invasive palpation techniques that aim to rebalance the different parts of the body.

Practiced prenatally, during labour and postnatally, it provides tools to be used independently, as a couple.

This massage method is designed to help you relax, relieve muscle tension and prepare the body for childbirth.

In other words, a modeling of the uterus and the pelvis makes it possible to relieve ligament syndromes, sciatica, neurovegetative signs of pregnancy (nausea, fatigue, sleep disorders, increased urinary frequency, dizziness, etc.), to prepare the pelvis during childbirth and offers care around the puncture area of the epidural and the caesarean section scar.

This method is generally integrated during a prenatal visit, antenatal classes or during a postnatal visit.


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