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Meeting with
the Co-parent/Father/Companion

Hello partner or accompanying person. 

How are you doing today?

How are you really?

The path to Family is an event that can be very emotionally intense for you, the partner. The experience can vary greatly from person to person, but feelings of stress, worry, excitement, joy, and sadness can all blend into one.

Sometimes delayed fertility, unplanned pregnancy, anxieties around current or previous pregnancy or birth, bereavement situation can lead to doubts and uncertainties that you want to discuss privately with a health professional or in a group with other partners.

This may be an opportunity to discuss how you are doing, how to get involved in this pregnancy and childbirth and how to find a new rhythm of life as a couple and family once your baby is home. It is also an opportunity to become aware of and accept your own limits.


I help you through this period of life with empathy and understanding.

If you are going through your pregnancy without a partner, this support is absolutely suitable for your parent, friend or loved one who supports you on a daily basis in this journey, who will be or was present during the birth if he or she feels the need.

It is an active listening, advice, reassurance and encouragement I propose to you so that you live this important period of life in the most serene way possible, the one that best reflects you.


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