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Perineal rehabilitation and correction of abdominal diastasis

Give the sacral perineum the place it deserves

Pelvic floor rehabilitation often takes place postnatally but can be done at any age, whether there are symptoms of weakness or not.


The perineum, a forgotten or taboo muscular hammock, is involved in the urinary, digestive and reproductive functions of men and women. Pregnancy and childbirth are the only opportunities available today to learn to tame and cherish your sacred perineum.

Awareness and strengthening of your perineum pre and/or post natal promotes good recovery and healing of this area and gives you the tools through (re)education to keep it supple and solid all your life and thus avoid chronic pain or during intercourse, incontinence and prolapse in postpartum and after menopause.

They are always combined with abdominal rehabilitation to treat abdominal muscle diastasis.

Rehabilitation of the perineum is systematically recommended whether you gave birth vaginally or by caesarean section.

In prenatal, the number of sessions depends on the needs described.

Postnatal: Pack of 6 one-hour sessions, individually or in groups.

Exercises of the perineum, correction of posture, diastasis, lifestyle habits to be corrected to keep a supple and solid perineum all your life and strengthening of the abdominals are discussed during these sessions.

My skills in perineal pelvic rehabilitation acquired during my initial training in France are supplemented by my continuing professional training, my knowledge of yoga and inspired by the De Gasquet© method. Note that I am neither a yoga teacher nor De Gasquet© certified.


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