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Personalised support

It is a chance to have a quality health service in our city and accessible to all. I would like to accompany you and offer you individual and personalised support in the form of home visits only  while working alongside the NHS.

Thus, I do not (for the moment) offer medical monitoring of pregnancy but a varied care offer which complements the classic follow-up offered by the NHS.

Your physical and emotional well-being is my priority and I offer natural and gentle methods as a first resort, when appropriate.

Your story

My many experiences abroad have reinforced my sensitivity to multiculturalism and my interest in others. Each path is rich and unique. Each and every one of you has a life story that I can't wait to discover.

The consultations and treatments offered are open to everyone. I want to provide an inclusive care offer for all parents, all women, all babies, all partners, single mothers, LGBT+ families or surrogate mothers, as well as couples subject to infertility or going through a bereavement situation.

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