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Postnatal visits and postpartum emotional support

The immediate postnatal period is a unique and sensitive time for your young family.

In this new period of parenthood, my role is to offer you support and encouragement and to ensure the physical and emotional recovery of the whole family by creating a serene and safe environment.

Each visit lasts approximately 1h30, one-off or included in a pack of postnatal visits.

First of all, I offer you natural techniques to relieve the discomforts of the postnatal period (pain, scarring, postnatal contractions, engorgement, venous disorders, etc.).

In the mother/person who was pregnant

I assure:

- your general good condition

- the good healing of the perineum or the ceasarean wound and I have massage techniques and oils to optimise it

- your well-being and your mental health to counter depression

- the smooth running of your baby feeding from the day of birth and I have techniques to relieve breast congestion or stimulate milk production.

I investigate:

- signs of secondary postpartum haemorrhage

- signs of infections (mastitis, endometritis, urinary infections, etc.)

- signs of phlebitis

- early signs of postpartum depression

It is also an opportunity to introduce you to the set of care adapted to this postnatal period  (perineal rehabilitation, closing the bones ceremony, wear your baby, etc.) according to your needs.

In your baby

I assure:

- their good general condition 

- the smooth running of feeding and supports for your choices

- satisfactory weight gain

- cord healing

- your autonomy in caring for your baby and I help you with the first baths, face and body care, nappy changes and intimate hygiene as well as cord cleaning according to your needs

- the safety of your environment for serene and safe co-sleeping and to avoid any accident that could occur in your home

- the physical and emotional well-being of your baby

I research:

- signs of jaundice

- early signs of infection

I offer you:

- support for your child's sleep

- techniques and positions to calm evening crying

- techniques to relieve colic

The clinical examinations for you and for your child carried out during postnatal visits allow me to ensure physiological recovery after birth and to refer you to a medical team if multidisciplinary care is necessary.


(+44) 07597 039409


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