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Peace and Love

Therapeutic bath

(Re)live the intensity of the first skin to skin in the privacy of your home

Immediately after the birth of your child, a unique and intense experience occurs when you and your baby come into direct skin-to-skin contact. However, for various medical or personal reasons, this precious moment can sometimes be missed or disrupted.

In cases where this initial contact could not take place, or if you were not able to take full advantage of it, the therapeutic bath offers beneficial benefits for your baby and for you by recreating the intimacy and the warmth of these unique first moments with your child, in the comfort and privacy of your cocoon.

While you are relaxed and covered with a blanket, the bath is given to your baby, by your companion or by myself, who is then placed, wet and warm, directly on your skin to (re)live fully this very special and unique encounter.

The therapeutic bath helps to take out the conscious or unconscious emotions of birth.

It strengthens your bond with your child and in your couple, promotes breast/chestfeeding and helps the traumas of birth to heal.


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