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Older sister carrying baby

Wear my baby

Carry your baby gently with the comfort of the wrap

Sling carrying is a practice that dates back centuries if not millennia and is massively prevalent in a multitude of Asian, African and Sub-American cultures, especially in rural areas. For generations, parents have carried their babies on their bodies to keep them close while going about their daily lives. Today, this method of babywearing is becoming more and more popular, as it offers many benefits for parents and babies.

Wearing your baby in a sling or a baby carrier makes him/her feel safe and calm. Contact against your torso or even skin-to-skin regulates body temperature, reassures, comforts and strengthens this parent-child bond while promoting emotional and affective development. In addition, the soft and rhythmic movements help them to calm down and fall asleep more easily.


Carrying in a sling can be used everyday, as long as your baby shows the need for it.

Babywearing is a wonderful tool to use if your child has evening crying, colic or gastroesophageal reflux.

If you're looking for a practical and comfortable way to carry your baby, a sling can be a great option to explore.

Carrying your baby in a sling or baby carrier offers a comfortable and effective way to keep your child close to you while providing security, comfort and closeness that promotes their development.

A sling carrying session can be organised prenatally or postnatally, as a couple or in a group.

I have a baby carrier, a woven sling and a ring sling for demonstrations and I am happy to accompany you with your equipment if you already have it.


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